What we do

Architecture Support

Cloud security advisory services along with providing support for your security architecture.

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Privacy and Compliance

We provide tailored advisory and assessment services along with compliance support.

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Independent Assessment

Comprehensive cybersecurity assessment with penetration testing and security plans.

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Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring support along with security staff augmentation

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Discover the best in Data Security & Cybersecurity, Virginia

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The Leading Line of Defense for Businesses across McLean, Virginia

When it comes to well-rounded cybersecurity in Virginia, you need a partner who understands the specific needs and requirements of your industry. At Mars, we take pride in our extensive knowledge of security compliance requirements and policies across all sectors. Our clientele for cybersecurity in Virginia includes healthcare organizations, IT firms, cloud service provider, and several federal entities.

One Vendor

We can fix that. We can save you both time and money. You have one technology go-to with MARS Technology. Its that easy!


We offer a complete range of auditing services; including, but not limited to gap analysis, technology, government (FedRAMP/FISMA), Healthcare (HIPAA) as well as a comprehensive business analysis.


We can custom tailor solutions that not only fit your current needs, but will easily scale with your business.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Consulting, IT Security Measures and Continuous Monitoring for Flawless Threat Analysis

We utilize our knowledge and expertise to fill the holes in your existing IT infrastructure. After an in-depth assessment of the existing system, we create solutions that can be seamlessly integrated to enhance its efficiency. As one of the leading cybersecurity companies, our goal is to create a powerful and preemptive security shield and help your organization prevent attacks, breaches, and compliance issues.

Data Security Company with Tailored Security Solutions

That is not where our partnership ends. As a full-service cybersecurity consulting company, we help our clients reduce the overall IT security cost through effective resource utilization and proactive risk management. Through our services and support, we ensure your peace of mind. Let our IT security experts take away your security-related stress so that you can focus on your competencies and growth.
Learn more about what makes us one of the most reliable data security companies in McLean, Virginia & Washington, DC. Call us at (202) 848-6432.

Industries We Have Served



Mars Technology can help secure Federal Information Systems and Cyber Critical Infrastructure by managing risk, while at the same time protecting the privacy of personally identifiable information

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Uncertain if your organization is currently HIPAA / HITECH compliant or need a guide to help you achieve compliance? Mars Technology can help you achieve HIPAA/HITECH compliance, specifically focusing on safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of ePHI

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Cloud Service

Mars Technology can help cloud service providers prioritize cyber security risks that are integral to the company and develop appropriate security measures and compliance policies that keeps customer data secure, and helps differentiate various threats.

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80% of small businesses that suffer a breach go out of business after 18 months. Our portfolio of industry leading solutions will make sure youre not the next victim.

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