5 Cyber Security Tips for Employees

Cybersecurity has become a core prerequisite in the corporate world today. Every year the number of cyber breaches are increasing at an expedited rate and it seems that hackers are getting even more innovative in how they infiltrate cyber networks. Simply setting up security protocols will not help business, as hackers now have more power than ever. There is no doubt that a cyber-breach can result in massive losses to the businesses, especially if the hack is made public. Due to the increased threat of hackers, national cybersecurity is more important than ever.

There are so many different companies which had established a solid foothold in the market but due to a breach, they lost all of their credibility. Consumers will never do business with a company that does not prioritize security above all, if they do not feel safe then how do you expect them to invest in your business? Recognizing this threat is the first step any commercial entity should take. However, before you instill layers of cyber security it is imperative that you first train your employees.

Even the most powerful cyber security network can be infiltrated simply by a human error, employees need to understand that they have a corporate responsibility while completing their daily tasks. One mistake on the employee’s behalf can induce an array of different problems which in most cases are permanent. However, we have articulated a list of tips which will help train your employees making sure that they understand different vulnerabilities and cyber threats.

  Emphasize The Responsibility Each Employee Shares

As a manager it is your duty to educate and empower your employees, you should emphasize the critical nature of the data and how each employee is responsible for protecting internal information processes. We would recommend devising a training seminar which is dedicated to educating employees on how they will be held responsible for any breach that occurs on their behalf. In or order to effectively train your employees, they will first need to understand the significance of cybersecurity. Emphasize on how each employee contributes to the overall integrity of your cyber security network and how they have to adhere to the prescribed protocols.

  Focus on Employee Passwords

The first step you can take in order to improve your cyber security network is training employees to use strong passwords. You should make it mandatory for each employee to have a strong password which they have to change after every month or so. It cannot be stressed how important this is, if a hacker even manages to get hold of one password, they can infiltrate the entire system or deploy malware which will corrupt the entire network. Make sure employees are well aware of the danger and provide them with periodic reminders to change their passwords. Your employees should also understand that they are not allowed to share their passwords or credentials with their colleagues or anyone for that matter.

  Teach Your Employees How To Use Encryption Tools

This has become a common practice in all of the renowned companies out there as this strategy can actually add an extra layer of protection to your current security network. Encryption tools simply encrypt your data before you store them on the cloud or on the drive, this means that the even if the hacker somehow manages to infiltrate a system, they will have to decrypt each file one by one. You can choose from a plethora of different tools and some are even offered free of cost. Rest assured you do not need a degree in computer science to use these tools, one training seminar will do the trick. Furthermore, we also recommend training your employees to encrypt all of their data before they store it on their computer and prior to sharing any data with other employees.

  Document Management and Notification Procedure

Now comes the tricky part as this training seminar has to be conducted with meticulous attention to detail. You will need to educate employees on different methods hackers use to infiltrate a system and how they should immediately report each threat. Even if the employee detects a virus in their system, they have to inform the concerned authority as soon as possible. Furthermore, they should understand how hackers subtly infiltrate systems through phishing emails or other mediums. Your team should always be on top of their game and document each threat the moment they detect any suspicious activity. If they immediately inform your IT department they can mitigate the threat and take steps to ensure it never happens again.

  Educate Employees about Mobile Cyber Attacks

If you have provided employees with mobile devices for commercial use, then you should immediately take steps to protect your business. Mobile devices do not have the capacity of protecting information in comparison to desktops and laptops. Hackers can easily target a mobile device and if it is being used for office purposes then they will have sensitive information at their disposal. Make sure every phone has some sort of secure network and employees are educated that they will be held responsible if the hack occurs through their assigned mobile device.


If you really want your entire team to be on their toes, then consider setting up simulations. This training method is used by pilots to sharpen their skill set and to provide them with a safe platform to practice. This can also be applied to cybersecurity, ask your IT team to create a threat and observe how the team responds to the stimulation. If you are not content with the response, then try again till each employee is well aware of how they should respond to different hacks or threats.

As mentioned before cyber-crimes are currently on the rise, studies have suggested that 26% of malware attacks were targeted towards businesses and these enterprises’ had to fork out over $300 million to hackers. Furthermore, new cybersecurity laws have inferred a legal obligation on companies to protect the privacy of their clients.

These figures exonerate the fact that every business should make cybersecurity their top priority if they want to survive in this digital era. Training employees have never been so important and with the right mindset, you can rest assured that your network will thwart any hackers attempt.

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