6 Major Challenges to Cyber Security in 2019

The dawn of the new industrialization has although vastly improved our global connectivity, trade, and output. However, it has also opened its doors to risks and threats. And the biggest concern of companies and individuals these days is cybersecurity.

In today’s world, most of the cybersecurity attacks are those which you never imagine. Companies and organizations are now spending millions for securing their data and protecting it from breaches and other cybersecurity threats, with the advancement in technology. These threats are now getting sophisticated and hard to detect. 

As of 2018, many well know organizations in the world have in suffered from cybersecurity disasters and because of data breaches, insiders’ threats, phishing scams, ransomware software, to name of a few. These attacks not only caused major disruptions for the company but also resulted in the loss of millions of dollars. According to cybersecurity personnel’s, these attacks, with each passing year, not only increase but get harder to prevent or detect.

Here is a list of 6 Major challenges to Cyber Security in 2019:

Phishing Scams:

Phishing scams are one of the most common types of cyber-attacks where fraudulent attempts are made in the form of digital messages to trick someone into clicking on malicious links. These install malware and expose individuals’ data. These scams are primarily designed to elicit private sensitive information and use that information to get monetary or other types of gain.

These scams are very real and for companies, they can be very costly. They sometimes spoof phone numbers or domain just so to appear more legitimate.

Ransomware Software:

This is one of those cybersecurity threats that made headlines and caught the public’s attention last year. Major companies, organizations including hospitals, universities and public offices were made hostages and victims of it. It cost major disruptions in all the sectors and resulted in a loss of billions of dollars to the world economy. Ransomware software works in a way that it attacks the data of victims, whether it’s an individual or a company, and encrypt it. The hackers demand payment in return to decrypt the data through the encryption key. As more and more companies are digitalizing their data, because of over-reliance and vulnerabilities in internet works and devices, these types of scams are becoming common. Companies need to look out for them in the future. 

Attacks Based through AI:

Artificial intelligence has become a standpoint of our generation. As more and more countries are trying to get hold of it, what we need to look out for are hackers using AI to launch innovative and sophisticated and back to back attacks. Since AI learns from the past data or which is previously available, they have the tendency to see the flaws and rectify them in all future attacks. According to cybersecurity majors although at this point these types of attacks are still not very common with the passing of time, they are bound to increase more and as such companies need to look out for them in the future.

Cloud-Based Security Issues:

Many companies in the US usually outsource their data to other IT-based companies that have a cloud-based platform to store large amounts of sensitive and valuable data. Although these companies pay special attention to the security and the protection of their client’s data, there are still breaches and concerns which are hard to ignore. Hackers have been able to pass through their security and have leaked and got hold of valuable data of these companies as well as their clients.


These are one of the top security challenges in today’s world. With reports of new variants of malware being introduced to spy and steal the data, many organizations are still unprepared to tackle these types of security threats which further encourages the attackers even more.

IoT Devices:

These devices are extremely popular and are found everywhere. They are a marvelous invention and connect networking devices all around the world. But with this enhanced connectivity comes a huge risk, which is giving space to hackers to exploit this vulnerability and leaving a gaping hole for the cybersecurity.

Cyber-threats are on the rise as technology is becoming more and more advance. You must come up with a plan to secure your data effectively to avoid any crisis. It is better to keep yourself prepared from such dangerous attacks which can really harm your business!

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