8 Best Uses Of Healthcare Data Sources for Businesses

In the recent era, there has been a rapid increase in various kinds of data available on health and healthcare. New Businesses are launching in order to put the data to work.

According to the recent US report, venture capitalists have invested almost $2 billion on digital health startups so far in the current year.

Data is the primary resource- the lifeblood- that dictates evidence-backed health and medical research. Due to its relevance, the source of the data becomes even more critical as many key decisions are taken on the outcome of these researches.

Traditionally, data was collected explicitly for a clinical trial, which was specifically designed on behavioral medical questions. However, in the current digital health environment, administrative health data gathered and assembled in electronic form has become as good as a goldmine for businesses in the healthcare environment.

Top Uses of Healthcare Data Sources for Businesses

Here are the most effective uses of healthcare data sources.

Cost Reduction

Healthcare data is a fabulous piece of information that significantly helps the businesses reduce their cost of doing business. The data can pinpoint loopholes in the processes, which can be taken care of by the businesses.

The key is to account for differences between patients by monitoring and analyzing million, or even hundreds of millions of data points, and the majority of the data they may eventually require is not yet readily and publicly available.

Businesses look to cut down all possible unnecessary actions that incur a cost. The healthcare data makes it easy for the firm to spot such futile actions and processes.


Businesses are always in pursuit of breaking the ice with an unprecedented piece of technology, the same is the case in the section of healthcare. Firms are in constant improvement mode in a bid to beat the competition and come up with a product that can win the market share.

With the passage of time, many new and different diseases have taken the world; hence it makes the research an extremely crucial facet of the modern health environment.

First Mover Advantage

Completion has become bitterly fierce, companies are working to come up with a kind of product or service that can give them a defining edge over their rivals. People in this segment of the economy are quite emotional, as they have the tendency to stick to a particular product if it suits them.

Once as a firm, you are able to make up to the expectation of the customer, then your product is bound to go north, and vice-versa.

Crucial Surveys

Businesses can perform vital surveys before the launch of a particular item. These surveys can guide the firm about the latest happenings in the health segment, as well as the expectation of the patients.

Possible aspects that can be covered include reports on the care, service, or treatment. It is important to note that surveys are typically administered to a pre-defined sample of patients by mail, telephone, or via the internet.

Betterment of Overall Health System

It is worth noting that the more research carried out on health segments, better will be the overall health of the society. At times, firms just need to show care to the masses to win their hearts and minds.

Constant developments by all the major healthcare companies can surely take the health levels of the society upwards.

Proper Record Keeping

A medical record is the documentation of a patient’s entire medical history and care. With the advent of electronic medical records, the accessibility of patients’ files has become amazingly easy and simple.

Businesses extensively use electronic medical record systems to improve the ease and cost of using this information for the purpose of quality measurement and reporting.

This is different from the out-dated method of gathering patients information which was paper-based, meaning the staff used to manually extract the relevant patient information. An electronic setup makes it easy for the staff to fetch only the relevant information required by the business.

The Bottom Line

Before you make the final call to decide which quality measures to report, it is helpful to know what kind of data resources you will require to yield the scores for the measure. There are times when the data you want to report already exist because someone already has collected it. Businesses follow the latest developments in the healthcare segment, as it can significantly help them capture the market.

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