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Cloud Data Security

Cloud data storage provides businesses with some fantastic benefits. They get instant access to their systems as well as better disaster recovery contingencies. The speed, agility, and costs savings from cloud-based productivity suites are second-to-none. But any degree of cloud migration also comes with security risks. It can be difficult for IT teams to check, sanction and secure each piece of data being sent to or retrieved from the cloud. As organizations move their critical assets to the cloud, we can help mitigate the burden of securing their data, application and the entire cloud infrastructure.
As your chosen cloud security consulting company, we can enable enterprise IT teams to mitigate cloud security threats and implement a framework that ensures secure cloud data storage. Mars Technology can keep your data assets safe during each stage of planning, building and running a cloud program for your organization.

Deploy proven effective cloud security services

As a market leader in providing end-to-end cybersecurity services, we enable IT teams to create and implement cloud security solutions that are compliant to industry standards, and conformable to new business models in cloud computing.
Our experienced and dependable consultations focus on securing your information, technology, and networks using our superior cloud security services. We firmly believe that a robust defense system is essential for every modern organization and that the cloud migration is the future for all. That’s why we design, review and deploy customized cloud security solutions that are scalable, affordable and efficient at mitigating threats before they even become a real possibility.
This service includes a thorough cloud security audit that identifies gaps. We also offer a 3rd party risk assessment that aims to understand and solve vendor-related risks to your cloud. Would you like to learn more about these and other cloud data security solutions? Give us a call at (202) 848-6432

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