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Cybersecurity System for Federal Government

Federal government agencies are the most vulnerable and at high-risk to cyber-attacks, as they are an attractive target for foreign intelligence services and other rigorous attackers in cyberspace. The aim of these attacks is to make the system weak and hack it, to gain information which can be used against the government. There are digital networks in over a hundred government agencies, that hold information about missions and operations, handle sensitive internal communications, and store personal data.
Mars technology has been working, for many years, keeping federal government cyber security guarded and compliant. To secure government assets, there is a need for a powerful AI-based cybersecurity approach, and Mars technology has that channel which does the job.

Considering the information and data the state and local government holds, it is crucial to provide them with cyber security solutions that are powerful and comprehensive. It is also important that the security we provide them, evolves with the requirement of the federal agencies, and technological advancements of the world. This is not a onetime process, but something which is on-going and keeps changing in accordance to time and need.

Better Security and Prevention Ideas for the US Federal Government

The amount of sensitive data held by the federal government is what makes their systems a prime target of cyber attackers. In the year 2015, the US government had more than 77,000 data breaches, which has only made them more cautious, and willing to spend more on their cyber security. With cloud computing, IoT and similar next-gen technologies, Mars technology is working towards making the systems of Federal bodies more secure than ever, and reducing the risk of breaching.

With our cyber security plans, we aim to transform the way business is done at Federal agencies. With our solutions for IT security, we not only want to keep the government’s network safe and risk free, but also keep them advanced to tackle with any sort of upcoming attacks. We have a team of qualified and experienced professionals, who with their expertise first analyze and assess the current security measures taken by the federal entities, this helps them identify the possibilities which can cause a security breach, and then give propositions to stop a future attack from happening.
At Mars technology, we work in altering the way information is stored and transported in the federal government, only to make it safer. We believe that to prevent yourself from a cyber-attack, the first step is to prepare yourself for it.

Give us a call at (202) 848-6432, and we will help in finding you the right cyber security strategy, that meets all your IT requirements.

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