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Healthcare Data Security Solutions

Cyber security is a concern of patient’s safety, as the healthcare infrastructure and individual medical devices have now become a target for cyber attackers. The reason why healthcare cybersecurity is so vulnerable is because of the lack of investment in it, this includes advance and technology and staff behavior. Cybersecurity should be an integral part of the health care system, and we at Mars technology can help you build a safe environment.

The most common cyber security threats in healthcare industry includes:
  • Malware and ransom ware: By making use of malware and ransom ware, cyber attackers shut down individual devices, servers or complete networks.
  • Cloud threats: Today most organizations use the cloud to store a large amount of protected health information. If this information is not properly encrypted, it can cause great damage to health care industries.
  • Misleading websites: To misguide patients and clients, cyber-criminals create websites with addresses similar to reputable sites
  • Phishing attacks: Through this strategy, a cyber-criminal sends out fake emails from reputable sources to gain sensitive information from the users.
  • Encryption blind spots: For protecting healthcare data security, there is need for encryption, but the same thing, if not secured well, can act as blind spots where hackers can hide from the tools meant to identify breaches.
  • Employee error: An employee error, such as weak passwords, unencrypted devices and failures of compliance, can make healthcare organizations vulnerable to cyberattacks.
Mars technology is well aware of all these threats and offers many different security solutions, to keep all your health care data, from prescription services to insurance information and medical records, safeguarded and risk free. We provide security solutions according to the requirements of our client, we understand that preserving the solemnity of all patient data can be a complicated process that can have significant to many factors including:
  • The employees of a care facility
  • The entire IT infrastructure of each department
  • All participants of the IoT ecosystem
  • All vendors & insurers that work with the care provider.

If you want your healthcare system to remain secure, then Mars technology should be your first choice of healthcare data security. We are one of the leading healthcare data security companies in Washington, DC and McLean, Virginia. We believe that the first step towards cost control and quality actions is to develop a health care system that is secure and effective.

Protect Your Data With Compliant Healthcare Cybersecurity

Medical data contains sensitive information about patients, and a flaw in cyber secret can threaten that information and be used against the good health of the patient and divinity of healthcare organizations. Mars Technology helps you keep yourself safe from such attacks, we have a team of professionals who deliver end-to-end encryption and protection solutions to healthcare organizations.
We provide services for healthcare data security that helps your organization build a collaborative environment assembled on the standards of health industry. We make your organizations security stronger, as well as uphold compliance procedures and accomplish the user’s demands for safe, secure access to patient data.
With the help of our expert team and advance technology, we make sure to keep all your hospital data, on premises or on cloud, secured and risk free. Our aim is to help you achieve efficient operational services, while reducing the costs for your establishment.

To find out more about we can assist you in improve your health care security, while also facilitating operations and cutting down costs, give us a call at (202) 848-6432.

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