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How Blockchain Cyber Security Acts Against Potential Threats

Cybersecurity is a major concern for those dependent on technology. Due to the advancement of technological devices, a majority of our work is conducted and stored in virtual mediums. The huge amass of information and data has become vulnerable and an object of exploitation.

Cyber security systems have been generated and upgraded to fight against cyber threats. But just as our defenses become strong, so do the hackers. They end up finding new and advanced ways to invade the system and steal important data from millions of sources. Once the data is exploited, it only takes seconds for high ranked prospering businesses to plummet to the ground.

Yet, there’s still a long way to improve online security and avoid cyber threats across industries. Devising more upgraded methods can help prevent these cyber threats – a better chance to defend our business effectively. One of the advanced methods that holds promise for security is Blockchain technology.

 Blockchain Technology – How it’s Done

Before we delve into how this technology works, we must first understand what a blockchain is. Basically, it is a system of distributed networks which keeps a record of all the data added by every user that is linked through cryptography.

These transaction blocks are verified, sorted out and then are added to the chains which are maintained across several computers. There are specific groups of people who are allowed to amend any information of these blocks and make sure they aren’t tampered.

Blockchains too, are vulnerable to cyber-attacks due to human error, which is not a form of a solidified defense. Hackers steal login credentials from cryptocurrency trading exchange sources. They use those credentials to alter the blockchains by sending bitcoins to multiple accounts.

By ensuring thorough record-keeping, the blocks can easily detect false data. This is why blockchain cybersecurity has been upgraded and has proved to be highly effective in preventing corruption and damage.

How Blockchain Fixes Security Issues

Here are some ways to determine blockchain potential in fixing security threats.

block-chain cybersecurity safety

 Getting Rid of Human Error

As block chains initially required a password to transact various amounts of data, the user login had some loopholes that led to security breaches, giving way to potential hackers to obtain an easy win.

Now, with a bit of more advancement to the blockchains entry points, businesses don’t need a password system – they can now use authentic devices instead. Rather than a password, each of these devices is now provided with a specific SSL certificate for any work or issues regarding blockchain cybersecurity.

This way, human error is removed and is now replaced with a stronger line of defense against blockchain cybersecurity threats.

 Trouble Can Be Traced

If there is a malfunction or any indication of an unauthorized user trying to hack the blockchain system, the entire system will be alerted.

After that, it is up to the IT forensics team to monitor the blockchain to see where the tampering took place. Despite the blockchain having anonymous users, every transaction needs to be confirmed and sorted out, which leaves behind traces due to the timestamp and digital signature of anyone who logged into the system.

The block that has been tempered will stand apart from the rest, making it easier for the experts to altered it correctly or remove it entirely from the system.

 Dividing and Spreading the Data

As we mentioned before, there is no end to cybersecurity. The more ways we find to tackle the loopholes; the more alternatives they find to attack again. So what can you do to avoid your precious data from being hacked?

There is actually a way you can save your data that doesn’t have strong defenses. If you are worried about a cybersecurity breach, you can scatter your data to different parts of the World Wide Web.

Some companies have extremely important and sensitive data that they can’t even trust their cyber security protocols to protect it. Under such circumstances, you can divide your data in four categorized blockchains and have them sent to different areas under surveillance of a different branch head.

In order to disrupt the blockchain, the hacker would have to destroy information stored in each computer (there are millions of computers used for the global network). So unless, the hacker brings down the entire network – which is an impossible task – your data is secure. Thus, it is indeed a complex structure technology.

The number of blockchains you have distributed is known only to you. The hackers are less likely to attack if they don’t know the exact locations as well as how many block chains you have distributed around the web. If one of your blockchains is breached, you will have enough time to change the location of the others to ensure data protection.

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