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Privacy and Compliance

A Secure Business with a Solid Compliance Program

As businesses become more digitally driven, the need for privacy and compliance measures has become necessary. Across the globe, new laws are implemented to organize the collection, use, custody, disclosure and disposal of personal information. And at the same time, the rate of cyber-attacks, data breaches and unauthorized use of personal data is also growing by the minute. The need for privacy and compliance is right now more important than it has ever been, especially for organizations that handle financial data, health information and other personally identifiable information.

An organization’s reputation lies on its ability to protect data privacy and customers’ private information, this is not just about gaining your customer’s trust, but if you fail in this area of security your company can end up with no existence. Implementing a privacy and compliance program can help your business eliminate these risks — a continuing process as companies face new hurdles with advancements in systems and technologies.
With Mars Technology, we can help you build and uphold your customer’s trust by establishing compliance with Federal, State, and International Regulation. We provide privacy and compliance solutions that help you identify weaknesses and risks in business. We have a team of experts who, with their knowledge of regulations, relating your business and sector, help manage compliance with a large array of standards and regulations including but not limited to:
  • Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (Fed RAMP)
  • Federal Information Security Management Act. (FISMA)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. (HIPAA)
  • Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST)
  • Minimum Acceptable Risk Standards for Exchanges (MARS-E)
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI)
  • Department of Defense Security Requirements Guide (DOD SRG)
  • Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)

Implementing Privacy and Compliance Legally

At Mars technology, we establish privacy and compliance strategies and solutions with the help of attorneys who are well aware of corporate laws and compliance regulations. With Risk Management Framework (RMF) and Privacy Laws, we develop explicit and clear contractual language, respecting factors like privacy statement, third-party vendors, terms of service, Non-Disclosure Agreements, etc. With the help of our Security-Program-as-a-Service, we try our best to deliver compliance at a minimum cost.
Mars technology supports your privacy and compliance requirements, and helps you stay compliant regardless of the ever-changing nature of laws and regulations. Our aim is to help your business grow and become successful. Contact us for more information.

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