Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing – Why It Matters

Have you ever wondered how convenient it is to use apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and various other kinds of applications in your daily life? They are easy to access, easy to use and available through technologic mediums. The reason why these apps are so efficient is because they have been available to you via Cloud Computing.

If you don’t know what cloud computing is and are, perhaps, hearing it for the first time, allow us to give you a brief introduction. Cloud computing is the availability of shared resources such as storage, servers, computer networks and applications and services. It is an on demand service which allows different people, who use the web as a necessity in their daily lives, to have the advantage of storing their important data in the cloud, whilst also having a large amount of storage free— or at least at a relatively affordable price.

Cloud computing is important for businesses as well. They get services that would allow their emails to be deposited off which decrease the amount of the companies maintenance and development costs.

It’s easy to see how important this cloud service is to majority of the population. However, it is exactly for that reason it is vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Cyber-attacks, for the longest time now, have loomed over like a black cloud, threatening to pour its destruction at any given moment. Developing cyber security tactics has maintained a barrier against these attacks—they need to be constantly upgraded to secure any breach that may befall on the system under their protection. Hackers attack systems that are most likely to hold sensitive data- and cloud computing just so happens to be one of its prime targets.

That is one of the reasons why security and privacy in cloud computing needs to take action so that they don’t fall for any of the hackers schemes.

Data Privacy

One of the main concerns regarding the security and privacy in cloud computing is the protection of data.

Millions of users have stored up their important data on these clouds, which is what makes it riskier to secure each and every bit of information. In cloud computing, data security has become a serious issue different data is distributed in different storage devices and machines including PCs, servers and different mobile devices such as smart phones and wireless sensor networks. If the security and privacy in cloud computing is neglected, then the private information of each user is at risk, allowing easy cyber breaches to hack into the system and exploit any users’ private storage data.

The advantages we receive from cloud computing have become an essential part of our lives. This is why security and privacy in cloud computing needs to take action if users are to trust the system again. It is important to gain the trust of these users to be able to become a part of the cloud computing environment.

Data Security

The cloud computing environment has various functions— some of the major ones involve data storage and computing.

The easy accessibility to the clouds functions allows users to effortlessly work on their computing tasks and access their data simply via any internet connection. The data protection and its security regarding stored information of individual users, is the reason why many consumers use the cloud so much and that is exactly why it has prospered through its use of trustful functions.

These functions and services are also provided to large computing spectrums. Big companies and organizations, which through the use of the cloud environment, have had the luxury of not losing excessive costs for computing services. Due to these services, they have been able to expand and prosper in their business. In fact, it allows the division of labor power to decrease and more time is given to develop strategic business plans and fresh ideas.

Because of its efficient and continuous use, the cloud has become a very important tool for large scale purposes, such as for business and companies to prosper and on the lower scales where it is used by almost every individual as a necessary part of their everyday life. What’s even great about it that aside from being easily accessible, it can provide quality and high performance computational services at extremely cheap rates.

It makes sense why a lot of people are fond of using it and are willing to trust the cloud system with their valuable information. But a data breach may break this trust. That is why it is extremely crucial that the security and privacy in cloud computing must create a solid line of defense against these cyber attacks.

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