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IT Security Consulting

Our cybersecurity consultants can help security organizations identify vulnerabilities in their systems, and help them meet security compliance mandates more effectively. Assessing business risks in real-time, we help devise security plans and implement comprehensive governance programs that fit our client’s corporate setup, helping them recover from and prepare for cybersecurity breaches.
The security industry itself deal with critical assets regularly. And with the advent of cloud, IoT and AI, securing these assets is of paramount importance. Mars Technology works in tandem with the IT departments, carrying out a risk assessment, security design & architecture as well as full implementation of the resulting guidelines. Our team of proven tech experts works closely with our clients to uncover areas of high risk that may lead to cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats. You can count on us to prioritize these threats and cater to your most urgent security needs, quickly and effectively.

Counsel That Give You Confidence in Your Cybersecurity Capabilities

Mars Technology offers comprehensive cybersecurity consulting and advisory services that focus on all the critical elements of cybersecurity – from audit to strategy, and from governance to risk management. Our services will take into account the exacting needs of the security industry, offering actionable insights that can significantly enhance the effectiveness of the architecture, implementation, and management of your very own cybersecurity systems.
The smallest weakness in IT security can jeopardize your mission and invite fines from regulatory authorities. We can help you become confident in your IT security posture and manage cybersecurity risks effectively. Our consultants offer continuous security assurance for all critical infrastructure, closing the gaps and strengthening your setup as we go along.
If you’d like to learn more about services, and how we can help your security company create a complete cybersecurity infrastructure, get in touch with us today. Give us a call at (202) 848-6432

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