Discover Data Security Solutions that Matter

Our full range of IT security solutions, tailored to answer your specific needs, is what makes us one of the leading data security companies in McLean, Virginia and Washington, DC. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter security solutions. We understand that every business faces a unique set of cybersecurity challenges due to various factors such as compliance policies and the flow of information.

You need a well-rounded cybersecurity solution that answers your security-related challenges and aligns well with your business goals. At Mars Technology, we custom-create such solutions by combining various data security & cybersecurity services in Virginia.

Our Data Security Services cover four main areas of enterprise data security:

Architecture Support

It all starts with knowing where you stand. The key to proper preparation is being aware of existing vulnerabilities and lurking risks. We offer data security services after a comprehensive independent assessment to identify all forms of potential security risks. The assessment is carried out by expert security professionals with complete knowledge of security standards and policies relevant to your industry.

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Privacy And Compliance

When moving towards a newer technology or refining your existing cloud infrastructure, you need the right kind of support to ensure a successful migration. Our security architecture team helps you assess and prevent risks to make sure you are moving towards a more secure environment. Our support is not limited to the cloud. We secure your move towards technologies such as mobile and IoT with reliable cybersecurity services.

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Independent Assessment

Privacy and compliance have become an indispensable part of enterprise data security solutions. We work with compliance experts and attorneys to ensure privacy and security up to the prevailing standards including ISO, NIST, OMB, FISM, and FedRAMP. We also help enterprises comply with industry-specific requirements such as HIPAA and HITRUST.

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Continuous Monitoring

Security is an ongoing process, and we provide you with round the clock protection through our continuous monitoring program. We implement a security system that never sleeps so that you can sleep peacefully.

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