IT certifications for beginners

Top Guide On the Best IT Certifications for Beginners

We all know the value of IT certifications in this digital age, however, the IT industry is one of the most cutthroat markets in the world. This due to the sheer amount of professionals in the market and because of the exponential demand for these services. It is safe to say that a business can simply not survive without the help of an IT professional. These professionals are responsible for setting the business’s network, defining security protocols, predicting breaches, optimizing efficiency and much more. In simple words, an IT professional can be categorized as an individual who has confirmed to the technical and ethical standards of the IT industry.

These professionals have to dedicate their lives to their careers and have to constantly learn new techniques and updates. This is one aspect which really sets them apart from the rest of the professional industry. IT professionals never stop learning; they do not have the liberty of using a stagnant approach to any of their daily tasks which are encompassed in their job description. Most IT professionals also coalesce to form a professional body, as these private bodies help govern their professional progress. These groups also help provide oversight for this profound discipline and constantly strive to represent the interests of all the pertaining members.

These communities or organizations are designed to help members grow professionally and to make sure that they align with all of the latest technological trends in the market. As mentioned before, as an IT professional you will keep learning throughout your career and it is imperative that you develop the right mindset before you embark on this journey. Yes, there is no doubt that IT professionals earn handsome salaries and profound benefits, but they have to work hard to get where they are. If you are currently contemplating a career in the IT industry, you should first evaluate your personal goals.

When it comes to the IT industry, do not strive for monetary benefits. You should rather push yourself for career growth and enrichment. Rest assured, as you keep moving up the IT professional hierarchy, so will your pay scale. To make this possible, we have articulated a list of the best IT certifications for beginners. This list is as follows,

  AWS Certified Solutions Architect

One of the most highly demanded certifications in the IT industry today is the AWS Certified Solutions Architect. We could name a million reasons why you should consider enrolling in this particular certification but the paramount reason is the fact that now almost every business is connected to the cloud. The demand for cloud-based services is increasing at an exponential rate and now is the time to capitalize on this lucrative opportunity.

This certification will teach you how to deploy a cloud-based network in order to help save your company a lot of money and operational space. It will teach you the nuances of the AWS platform and this certification is currently enjoying the largest share of the IT market. After you obtain this certification your professional value will increase by a substantial margin and within no time you will realize how enrolling in an AWS certified solutions architect was a sound decision.


These are vendor neutral making it the perfect choice for people who have minimum knowledge of IT-related technologies. If you really want to strengthen your foundation and learn the intricate details of how IT services are offered, then the Comp TIA CASP should be your first choice. Furthermore, this certification also encompasses the advanced level of IT security which will make sure you have all the skills in your arsenal to become a seasoned professional.

The Comp TIA CASP has been developed by the industries leaders and is highly demanded on a global scale. If you opt for this certification, you will not only learn the basics but you will also learn how to develop a sound security network. Cybersecurity is a monumental issue and you can use this to your advantage.


If you really want to specialize in IT security, then consider investing in ISACA CRISC. Data breaches and cyber-crimes are growing every year and businesses are investing a substantial amount of money to protect their data. These businesses are willing to fork out staggering salaries to IT professionals who specialize in preventing data breaches.

This is exactly why this certification is currently so highly demanded as businesses need trained professionals who can predict breaches, devise security networks and improve the integrity of their current operational structure. Furthermore, many organizations will not hire an IT professional irrespective of their experience, if they are looking to build their security network. You can actually earn $100,000 on an annual basis if you specialize in IT security.

  EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker V9.0

Ethical hackers were previously considered to be a very limited career option but now it has massive scope in terms of cybersecurity. Hackers are constantly developing new techniques to penetrate the most advanced systems and keeping them at bay is next to impossible. No matter how many layers of security you add to a network, there seems to be a hacker who can breach the system in the blink of an eye. So how do we thwart their efforts? We start thinking like hackers.

EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker V.90 is a certification which will teach you the different ways hackers use to infiltrate a system. This will not only help you devise an impeccable security network but will also provide you with detailed insight in the different hacking channels. It will help prepare you for the turmoil of predicting every move of potential hackers and will offer immense job security.

  CCA Data Analyst

Finally, the last certification you should consider investing in is the CCA DATA Analyst. Big data has revolutionized how businesses operate and learning how to use this data effectively will help you carve a prosperous career in the IT industry. This certification includes an array of different modules which will help you gain key insight on how to effectively measure data and use it to your organization’s advantage.

Now businesses will not implement any type of strategy without taking statistical representations into consideration. This digital transformation of data helps them understand the proximity of their strategies and provides them with a transparent perspective of the potential impact of these strategies. Furthermore, numerous studies have proven that the demand for these services will increase by 28% in the following years.

The aforementioned certifications are not only highly demanded but they are also perfect for aspiring IT professionals. These certifications ensure that you have all the required skills and credentials, to establish a strong foothold in the IT industry. We would recommend obtaining as many certifications as possible, this will not only increase your worth but will also open many different opportunities for you. Remember, the goal is not to money, the goal is to grow as much as possible! Rest assured, with time you will get the job of your dreams.

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